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Making Circularity Matter

How to Create Regenerative Change through Circular Economy

"What if Denmark became 100% circular? The potential is enormous, but we still have a long way to go. The Circularity Gap Report from 2023 shows that only 4% of our resources are effectively recycled.  


Sabine Rau-Oberhuber, an expert in circular economy, delves into the necessary systemic changes for a sustainable future. With her background in economics, co-authorship of the bestseller 'Material Matters,' and co-founder of Turntoo, she offers a holistic approach to economics and sustainability.  


Be inspired by new ways of viewing resources as Sabine Rau-Oberhuber shares the fundamental principles of transitioning to a circular economy. It starts with seeing ourselves as stewards - not consumers - of the Earth's resources, which should always be capable of being reused and integrated into a continuous cycle. This mindset can pave the way for more businesses to prepare for a sustainable future.  


Making Circularity Matter is presented in collaboration with Corolab.