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Understanding Imagination

Explore the potential of imagination in the balance between art and science

What does a professor in behavior change and a performance artist have in common? A lot, if you put a desire to foster imaginations of new futures into the equation.  

Cognitive neuroscientist and behavior change expert Pireeni Sundaralingam will meet performance artist Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen in a conversation about similarities and differences in how art and science contribute to positive changemaking.  

Together they will explore the potential of uniting these two fields of professionalism and exchange thoughts on the power of imagination in creating a better future.  

To unite and guide these two fields of professionalism, Senior Advisor & Co-founder of the strategic consultancy and change-making agency In futurum Moussa Mchangama will moderate the conversation and meanwhile Jonas will do a performance to boost our imagination.  

The conversation will give you a sense of hope and a better understanding of the potentials of mixing the fields of art and science, and you will leave inspired to imagine alternative realities.  

“Understanding Imagination” is presented by Roskilde Festival.