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Longing Energies 

Experience a journey through sound, art, visuals, and taste

Dive into the immersive world of Yujin Jung when the South Korean artist guides you on an extraordinary journey celebrating the revival of life.   


In collaboration with artist Gabriel Bott, Yujin Jung presents the audiovisual piece Longing Energies: Ceremonial Demise, which depicts the process of planetary transmutation, leading to the eventual demise of immortality. The work builds on the foundation of Jung's exploration of ecological change and oral storytelling, guiding and merging with Bott's project; the meeting between the mundane and the fantastical explored within the world of character creation and 3D animation.  


In the sonic cook performance Longing Energies: Ceremonial Recurrence the moment of cooking and serving seaweed soup is amplified in live-set and interweaved with folklore and voices of haenyeo (‘sea-women’).  


Yujin Jung paints a vivid seascape of engaging futures and dreams with field recordings, including dynamic oceans, industrial sounds, and oral history from maritime matriarchal culture.   


Let the waves of Yujin's sonic exploration redefine your perspective on traditions, myth-telling, time, and place.   


Yujin Jung’s work was presented at Roskilde Festival in collaboration with Art Hub Copenhagen as part of Residency To Go 2024.  

Longing Energies: Ceremonial Recurrence is presented in collaboration with Roskilde Festival.