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Boosting the brain for changemaking  

A practical workshop with tools and exercises that stimulate our brains to act for change

This might just blow your mind. Investigating the brain and how it works can provide tools to promote creativity, innovation, imagination and engagement. And ultimately: Mobilization and change. This workshop will teach you how to work in the intersection of neuroscience and change-making with one of the leading experts in the field, neurologist Pireeni Sundaralingam. Get ready for activities, practical exercises and insights that can revolutionize your approach to mobilizing communities. 

This interactive workshop explores how simple exercises can fuel the brain to drive positive change and engagement. Discover how our brains influence our actions and decisions, and uncover the secrets behind effective behavior change. Sundaralingam use research from her extensive career at Oxford University, M.I.T. and UCLA along hands-on experience from working with human resilience at the UN and change-making at numerous global NGOs. 

Pireeni Sundaralinam’s engaging explanations will demystify complex concepts, leaving you with a clear understanding of how to engage and mobilize people. And you will leave inspired and equipped with new ways of igniting change.  

This workshop is presented by OpEn – the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Information and Engagement funding pool, in collaboration with co-organizers CISU (Civil Society in Development) and Roskilde Festival Gruppen.