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Dinner with Meyers


Conclude the first day at GRASP 2024 with a long table dinner by Meyers, combining flavor, art, and culture

On Thursday, September 26, Meyers invites you to a unique long table dinner in Hall 7, where taste and culture go hand in hand. Look forward to a menu that offers a sensory experience complementing the work In Memory of Home by the Danish-Palestinian-Jordanian artist Banaan Al-Nasser. 

Through the menu, Meyers presents a gastronomic journey that enhances the experience brought by Banaan Al-Nasser's In Memory of Home. Each dish not only satisfies the palate but also stimulates the mind, creating a holistic experience that bridges the sensory and the reflective, the culinary and the artistic.

Hurry and get your ticket - and allow yourself to pause, reflect, and appreciate the deep connections between food, art, and culture. 


  • Musakhan: Chicken – Onion – Sumac – Pine Nuts 

  • Rummaniyya: Eggplant – Lentils – Pomegranate 

  • Labneh & Zaatar: Yogurt – Spices 

  • Tahini: Sesame – Olive Oil – Lemon 

  • Salata: Salad – Tomato – Cucumber – Onion – Garlic – Parsley 

  • Taboon: Bread 

Meyers is a Danish gastronomic company founded by chef and entrepreneur Claus Meyer. Meyers operates based on a philosophy that emphasizes the use of local and organic ingredients, as well as the revival of traditional cooking techniques. The goal is to create food that not only tastes good but also benefits both people and the environment. 

Practical information

  • Price: 295 DKK 

  • Drinks: Available for purchase during the evening 

  • Location: Hall 7, Musicon, Roskilde 

  • Read more about Banaan Al-Nasser's work here