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GRASP 2024 is in the air


Here is your first taste of this late summer's blast of a knowledge festival.

Get ready for inspiring talks, workshops, performances, and art that speaks to your senses, opens up new perspectives, and challenges your most familiar beliefs. 

The first program points of the year focus on sustainable change and our relationship with nature, food, engagement, and art. 

You can, among other things, dive into utopia as a driving force for youth action. Be inspired by Kenyan food activists' fight for sustainable cultivation. Gain a rare insight into the human brain or imagine the future of agriculture and food production. 



GRASP all year round 

While we unveil the first program points of the year, we can also reveal that we have lowered the price of GRASP. 

You only need to pay 100 DKR for sign up. 

 Secure your spot - sign up now

In addition to being a two-day knowledge festival in September, moving forward, GRASP is also the Roskilde Festival Group’s annual platform for knowledge and networking, and part of our non-profit organisation. 

Because we believe that change is created collectively when we meet and share knowledge and experiences across professional disciplines. That is why we invite you, and everyone who is interested, to be part of our community and participate in the conversation - all year round. 

Stay updated on GRASP-events, activities, and knowledge releases here on the site or via our social media. 

We look forward to seeing you!