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Through the Brain Barrier

How to overcome cognitive barriers to activate engagement

Explore the cognitive processes that influence how we act and learn how to break through neurological barriers to initiate change. Join us for an enlightening presentation by renowned brain activist and neurologist, Pireeni Sundaralingam. 


Whenever we switch on the news, we are faced with numerous global challenges. From environmental degradation to geopolitical tension and socioeconomic inequalities. Pireeni Sundaralingam uses her knowledge on cognition to provide tools for both individuals and organizations striving to address the profound challenges of our times. Drawing from her experience working with governments, global NGOs, and the UN, Sundaralingam unveils the mysteries of how our brains function. And offers invaluable insights on why we sometimes have a hard time embracing change.   


Sundaralingam’s expertise in neuroscience and behavioral change research provides hope. You will get knowledge and inspiration to navigate the complexities of our world and catalyze meaningful change. And gain insights on how to mobilize engagement and drive collective action.  


This lecture is presented by OpEn – the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Information and Engagement funding pool, in collaboration with co-organizers CISU (Civil Society in Development) and Roskilde Festival Gruppen.